Eskay Food

Two different shooting!

Photographer: Roberto (Roberto | Food Photography (@eskayfood) | Instagram)

Retouch: Marco Civale (Instagram)

Location: Trendstudio (TrendStudioMilano (@trendstudio_mi) | Instagram)

1) Heels & Meals (backstage

Always trying to describe food in a different and, if possible, amusing way, I thought of my all-time friend-enemy: the fridge. Friend, because he is ready to satisfy our food cravings, enemy because he is addictive and undermines our long-awaited balance … especially for those who are on heels.

2) E’ tutto un programma (backstage

Playing on the different meanings that this expression can have, both in reference to the way of speaking, and in reference to the “program” that is seen on the monitor, and to the fact that food could become (or perhaps already is) the result of a software that elaborate an ingredient. In reality, I enjoyed modifying human appearance, making the models wear a real vintage monitor.

These you see are the backstage photos, the dynamic photos (gifs) can be seen here:

Breakfast: “È Tutto un Programma” di Eskayfood – breakfast (

Scamorza: “È tutto un programma” di Eskayfood – scamorza (

Pagnotta: “È tutto un Programma” di Eskayfood – pagnotta (

Ravanello: “È tutto un Programma” di Eskayfood – ravanello (