Antonio Pesce

At the beginning of January 2010 I remain unemployed and during the months of unemployment I start studying photography as a self-taught, reading the first books and magazines in the sector, I buy my first entry level reflex camera, the passion grows and I start photographing my first subjects, mainly girls in the circle of my acquaintances. I rent a warehouse garage where I set up my first very artisanal photographic studio where I do my first studio photography experiments.
After finding a stable job, I start to be more and more independent and in 2013 I start living with Ilaria and then in 2018 I move to a bigger house where I was able to dust off the equipment by setting up a small studio.
I start to get passionate about bodyart, so I buy make-up, airbrush, I experiment with uv lights through social channels.
One day, watching bodyart video tutorials on YouTube, I come across some BlackTapeProject fashion shows and I am fascinated by them, so I decide to try to make bodyart videos based on these videos.
Bodyart is not artistic nude, for me it is a fun and artistic way of doing photography, even if my passion are portraits.