Since I was sixteen I am passionate about fashion and the show business, but only recently I decided to invest seriously in this direction: this web site presents what I did so far and outlines what I would like to deal with in the future.

I am proud of my image and of what it communicates. During shootings and on the catwalk, it comes natural to me to smile, because inside me there is a wonderful person, radiating happiness and tenderness, but also self-assurance and femininity.

As I child, I practiced for years ballet and modern dance; then I explored the world of television, cinema and theatre, working as an extra in movies and TV spots. In order to hone my skills, this year I started attending acting classes, on top of being close to getting a bachelor in Public Relations. In my spare time I enjoy working out, travelling and standing out for animal rights.

The pictures you see here highlight what I can do, but I am keen to develop my range of competences further. In case you are working on an interesting project, drop me a note!

Some of my works

This photo is the only one that remains because after shooting they stole Andrea’s camera and it’s a real shame because we did a beautiful job in Milan in Piazza Gino Valle thanks also to mua Stefania Mercuri (

Andrea was born in Vicenza in 1991 and already as a child he had a passion for art and comic book drawing.
Growing up he developed a good creativity and observation skills and in 2014 he bought his first Nikon SLR to devote himself to
portraits set.
In 2018 he decides to start a new, more conscious and technical photographic path, he attends photography courses
by the well-known Milan photographer Fabio Berg who specializes in fashion photography and set portrait that help him refine
his photographic technique and at the same time improving himself more and more.
With the intent of arousing emotions, sensations and wonder towards the observer, his portraits are characterized by a pleasant
combination of colors, which enhance the eyes and the subject itself.
The models I portray must impress me with their expressiveness and their eyes must transmit an emotion, which I try to show through my photography.