Since I was sixteen I am passionate about fashion and the show business, but only recently I decided to invest seriously in this direction: this web site presents what I did so far and outlines what I would like to deal with in the future.

I am proud of my image and of what it communicates. During shootings and on the catwalk, it comes natural to me to smile, because inside me there is a wonderful person, radiating happiness and tenderness, but also self-assurance and femininity.

As I child, I practiced for years ballet and modern dance; then I explored the world of television, cinema and theatre, working as an extra in movies and TV spots. In order to hone my skills, this year I started attending acting classes, on top of being close to getting a bachelor in Public Relations. In my spare time I enjoy working out, travelling and standing out for animal rights.

The pictures you see here highlight what I can do, but I am keen to develop my range of competences further. In case you are working on an interesting project, drop me a note!