Thomas Maggiolo

Born in Padua, he is passionate about photography and moved by curiosity and desire to improve himself, he attends many courses with the best teachers of Canon and Nikon and exhibitions.
On his journey he meets important figures such as: Ferdinando Scianna, Letizia Battaglia, Alberto Buzzanca, Gianni Berengo Giardin, Maurizio Gilimberti, Denis Curti, Mustafa Sabbagh, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Olivero Toscani, Marianna Santoni, David LaChapelle, Stave McCurry, Maurizio Galimberti.

“I believe that photography to be considered as such must arouse emotions. Elegance and simplicity are the roots of my work. My photography is centered on the portrait. First of all, the person comes to me. A beautiful sunset, it’s already wonderful in itself, but for me it acquires an added value if there is someone.
The style I prefer is reportage and through this I manage to steal the most beautiful moments, catching all the protagonists off guard, enhancing their spontaneity and the joy of being there at that moment. This is why I don’t like being intrusive in the scene so as not to spoil the atmosphere that makes every single shot special. I prefer to follow the wave of the events that follow one another and capture the fleeting moments before my eyes with my camera.
Passion and the desire to improve myself are the keystone of my profession “


This shooting in my hometown (Trieste) was also realized thanks to the collaboration of Valeriano Cosimi (, all night shooting until dawn.

Location: Trieste