Francesco Posteraro

The photographer Francesco from Turin says: “(Re) -Tratto is a continuous research started a few years ago: to portray many people while portraying the idea of ​​myself in search of an identity. The evolution of the genre of portrait in photography teaches that there is a reciprocity between the subject shot and the photographer, and that it is possible to trace the characteristics of the author himself in the final image, as if a part of the latter was faithfully reproduced, as a visual testimony of the encounter with the other. In this production the portraiture experience experienced by the two actors takes on a new meaning, because it involves a total zeroing of distance and an intrusion of the author into the other’s gaze. Every single image is produced by me , ideally replacing the eyes of all subjects with mine, in an operation of deprivation, which does not result in the prevarication of my point of view on others, but concerns a wider discourse me and complex on the search for my identity. the oples filmed thus become replicants, multiplications of me, looking at myself. A courageous act of merging into the other, facing each other, very close to a step away from an embrace; a continuous questioning fueled by doubts and fears, an obsessive, compulsive and repetitive gesture implemented by the human multitude and directed towards a single imaginative self-portrait with the intention of addressing a warning to abandon one’s point of view, to look at the other and to look at ourselves, to regain possession of that authentic attitude, indispensable for fully understanding who we are… For me this is the meaning of the portrait: to tell a new story, never seen before. In search of a precise moment, where the person being photographed is naked and shows himself completely to tell you an unedited piece of himself, looking, almost desperately, in her. You have to be there to capture it and make it yours. “